About The Founder

Rev. Dr. Jen Hewson has dedicated the last several years to learning the ways in which we all heal. She discovered how to heal her own body physically and is now living a life free of pain and disease due to her own spiritual development and various healing modalities.
As a doctor of Spiritual Psychology working in Natural Medicine, she fully knows that a connection to a higher power is essential for us to heal. Her Natural Healing Learning Academy offers many opportunities for hands-on learning and healing with access to many diverse courses and workshops including:
  • Monthly Men’s Circles
  • Monthly Women’s Circles
  • When Spirit Calls
  • Walking with Spirit
  • Creating Your Abundance
  • Elemental Breathwork
  • Healing with Frequencies
  • Making Your Own Medicines
  • Sound Therapy Classes
  • Dance is Medicine
  • Somatic Movement Classes
  • Elemental Breathwork
  • Amplified Mindfulness Practice
  • Intensati
  • Mediation
  • Creating Your Daily Spiritual Practices
  • Energetic Cleansing
  • Quantum Alignment Services
Various classes and workshops will be added and/or offered beginning in the December 2023 on a rotating seasonal schedule and calendar.

Unlimited potential to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.